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AGAPE in Trust Conference 2018, Reuters Foundation

Every year during their annual Trust Conference, Thomson Reuters Foundation brings together NGOs, activists, human rights defenders, lawyers, heads of corporations, and philanthropists from around the world to discuss solutions to fight modern slavery, empower women, and advance human rights. The 2018 event took place in London and provided a fantastic opportunity to learn and update our knowledge on local and global efforts and the international conversation about these issues. The TC 2018 highlights include:

  • The selection of Veronica Flores, AGAPE’s Founder & GD as a Scholar. Monique Villa, CEO of the Thompson Reuters Foundation made a public recognition including these words: “More than 600 people attended the event, including all of you who are frontline human rights defenders.”
  •  The first panel on Orphanages as Trafficking Hubs, a phenomenon in developing countries where children are taken from their families, often lured with the promise of an education, and put in orphanages to attract foreign donations. The speakers explained how orphanages that hold children for voluntourism are not just abusing the children, but also abusing the charitable impulse and compassion of people who just wanted to help.
  • The panel of survivor leaders also spoke out about the challenge of being tokenized. They pointed out that young survivors do not need sympathy, but support services including housing, healthcare, and education in order to prevent them from falling back into slavery.



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