lunes , septiembre 25 2023

AGAPE in OECD’s Civil Society Discussion Café: Re-imagining International Co-operation

Multilateralism is no longer shaped only by governments and international institutions: more and more, civil society has a role to ensure that international cooperation answers to more people’s needs. To better address inherently global challenges such as gender equality, corruption, development, digitalisation, climate change, migration, taxation, trade, new ways of working together must rebuild trust in each other and in democratic institutions.

In this meeting we were at the gender discussion table, where we re-imagined international co-operation with civil society at the core – what that would look like, and how it would change the nature of civil society itself. We also discussed the OECD’s challenge with civil society and paths to more robust yearlong engagement. We hope our contribution can be listened and we will be aware with concrete next steps for follow up.


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